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Oracle Unveils World’s First Autonomous Database Cloud
Oracle Unveils World’s First Autonomous Database Cloud
AT&T Moves Thousands of Databases and Applications to Oracle Cloud
AT&T Moves Thousands of Databases and Applications to Oracle Cloud
Build Your Own Apps on Oracle Database Cloud
Build Your Own Apps on Oracle Database Cloud

Get fast access to a cloud database today.

Oracle In-Memory Scored Highest of All Databases for Current Offering and Strategy
Oracle In-Memory Scored Highest of All Databases for Current Offering and Strategy

The Forrester Wave™: In-Memory Databases, Q1 2017 report evaluates in-memory databases.

Oracle Beats Amazon Web Services
Oracle Beats Amazon Web Services

Head-to-head cloud database comparison shows Oracle Database as a Service is 20 years ahead.

Simplify Data Warehouse in the Cloud

The World’s #1 Database Is Now the World’s First “Self-Driving” Database

Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud is powered by Oracle Database 18c, the next generation of the industry-leading database. Engineered with integrated artificial intelligence and adaptive machine learning, Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud delivers simplicity, unprecedented availability, and performance—at a much lower cost.

With fully automated database provisioning, management, and performance tuning, Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud makes it easy to operate databases so you can focus on higher value business tasks and drive new monetization opportunities from your data.

icon for Autonomous Autonomous

Total Automation Based on Machine Learning

Built on the new self-driving database technology, Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud removes complexity, human error, and manual tuning by performing fully automated administration and tuning, including automatic configurations and online recovery to ensure higher availability. Routine but important maintenance tasks, such as upgrade, update, and patching are executed automatically, eliminating costly manual error-prone human processing and enabling you to focus on innovation.

icon for Cloud First Cloud First

Capture the Value of the Cloud Without Compromise
Cloud First

The latest innovations for Oracle Database are now available in the cloud first. With 100 percent compatibility engineered across both on-premises and cloud deployments, customers can quickly benefit from the latest cloud services. Developers have full access to all Oracle Database options for development and test, while IT can validate database migrations, load test, or performance test existing databases before production deployment. No matter which deployment option you choose, the instant availability of database cloud services further simplifies database access for both IT and developers.

icon for Cloud Data Management Cloud Data Management

Fully Integrated with Oracle Cloud Platform
Cloud Data Management

Take advantage of a comprehensive data management portfolio that supports all data types, from SQL and NoSQL to Hadoop, as well as workloads of any size for everyone, from developers for DevTest to IT for the most mission-critical workloads. Oracle Database Cloud is fully integrated with other Oracle Cloud services to provide a single cloud experience that spans Oracle IaaS and PaaS for access to optimized infrastructures, application development services, analytics, and SaaS extensions to build a smooth onboarding path to the cloud. Oracle Cloud helps eliminate manual integration so you can focus on your business.

icon for True Hybrid Cloud True Hybrid Cloud

100 Percent Compatibility Between Private, Public, and Hybrid Cloud
True Hybrid Cloud

With the same application, same database, same architecture, and same skills in use across both on-premises and cloud environments, you can expect no code changes and no learning curve. It’s all the same. You can develop and test on Oracle Exadata Express Database Cloud and then deploy on premises or in the cloud; perform backups on premises to the cloud; and deploy disaster recovery across any combination of environments: on-premises to cloud, cloud to cloud, you name it.

icon for Secured and Simple Secure and Simple

One-Click Provisioning, One-Click Administration
Simple. Easy. Secure.

Highly Secure. Easy Access. Drawing on nearly four decades of expertise in building data management and data protection for massive enterprise-grade operations, we’ve engineered in-depth security into all computing layers to ensure data privacy and safety. In addition to the default always-on encryption and data masking for development and testing purposes, customers use a common set of security controls to ensure regulatory compliance across the board, both on premises and in the cloud.

Security, Scalability, and Simplicity

Security, Scalability, and Simplicity
  • 20

    years ahead of Amazon Web Services

    Faster path to cloud innovation

  • With 100 percent compatibility across on-premises and cloud environments, customers can simply migrate existing database applications into the cloud—with no code changes—using similar tools and automated cloud management tooling.

  • Unleash competitiveness and profitability by making data-driven decisions, responding instantly to demands, and continuously optimizing key processes. The latest innovations in Oracle Database Cloud Service deliver even faster analytics and streamlined setup so you can increase your data value by gaining access to instant analytics.

  • Oracle Database Cloud is designed to help IT and developers leverage infrastructure to instantly access optimized infrastructure to scale and quickly meet business requirements. With immediate access to fully configured and integrated infrastructure cloud services such as Oracle Exadata Cloud Service and Oracle Exadata Express Cloud Service, organizations can easily and rapidly embrace technology transformations to thrive in the future economy.

  • Use Oracle Database Cloud to secure data anywhere, whether in the cloud or on premises. With always-on encryption, data masking, integrated risk and analysis tools, and multilayered security engineered throughout the stack, your data is guarded at all layers throughout the entire data life cycle.

  • Manage both structured and unstructured data from data warehousing to big data on the same cloud platform. Oracle Data Management is fully integrated with Oracle IaaS and PaaS Cloud Services, including analytics, to deliver a single-vendor cloud experience so you can easily manage your most valuable asset—your data.

  • With 100 percent workload compatibility and an optimized, fully integrated infrastructure, it’s never been easier to modernize your data center. Streamline IT and database management so you can focus on what really matters to your business.

  • Easy Migration
  • Instant Analytics
  • Rapid Cloud Scale
  • In-Depth Security
  • Complete Data Management
  • Cloud Simplicity


VIVO Migrates Sales and Time-Tracking Systems to Oracle Cloud

We adopted Oracle Database Cloud Service to manage sales tracking and time management systems while leveraging the knowledge of Oracle Database. As soon as the verification process completes, we are planning to add a cloud version to the package product we offer to our customers.

— Kota Yamada, CEO, VIVO Corporation

Nakashimayahonten Increases Process Speed with Oracle Database Cloud Service

Previously, we focused our budget and resources on operating and maintaining our database server. Now with Oracle Database Cloud Service, we decreased server costs and increased processing speed. In addition, we implemented disaster counter measures that we could not do previously.

— Masao Nomura, Manager, General Administration Division, Nakashimayahonten

Zeneral Heatpump Industry Enhances Security and Data Protection with Oracle

We chose Oracle Database Cloud Service to enhance security, data protection, and availability, which are our essential requirements. Using Oracle Application Express, which enables us to freely develop web systems quickly and cost-effectively, was a key factor in our decision.

— Reiko Ogura, Chief Staff - Renewable Energy Laboratory, Zeneral Heatpump Industry Co., Ltd.

BrScan Tecnologia Grows with Oracle Cloud


EIL Corporation Ensures High Availability and Flexibility with Oracle Cloud

Based on our experience with Oracle’s on premise solutions, like Oracle Database, we knew that Oracle Database Cloud Service would help us build our infrastructure in a short period of time. Oracle Cloud is a highly available and flexible solution, at a lower than expected cost, and we plan to continue to use it in the future.

— Junichi Ono, Director - Sales Manager, EIL Corporation

PT. Widya Presisi Solusi Chose Oracle Database Cloud

As a consulting company that provides business services, we were looking for an innovative and scalable solution. We chose Oracle Database Cloud Service to help achieve our goal of being the best payroll outsourcing company in Indonesia.

— Sutjipto Budiman, Director, PT. Widya Presisi Solusi

EVRY Accesses a Large New Market with Oracle PaaS


NCDEX Cuts Months from Procurement and Deployment Cycles with Oracle Cloud

Our commodity exchange platform is known for technological efficiency, transparency, and market-friendly trading features. We cannot afford business disruption or delays as we embrace IT innovation, yet we knew we needed to adopt the cloud. Oracle provided a clear roadmap for moving an existing Oracle Database workload and our homegrown application to the Oracle Cloud. Our migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Database Cloud Service allowed us to provide the same user experience we previously provided via our on-premises offering. We’ve now also cut months from our procurement and deployment cycles and are able to leverage the inherent scalability of a cloud-based solution.

— Ravindra Shevade, Chief Operating Officer, NCDEX e Markets Limited

Topyourself Improves Brand Perception with Oracle Cloud

With Oracle Database Cloud Service and Oracle Java Cloud Service, we increased productivities of application development, testing and product launch. We could focus on our core business and accelerated production rollout – increasing speed to market and improving brand perception.

— Zhi Qiang Deng, IT Director, Topyourself Software

SVB-BGT Uses Oracle for Managing Nationwide Base Mapping


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